Casa Club

Casa Club - specialist provider for holiday houses in Sardinia, hotels and residences in Italy

Many of our guests know us for many years and have spent several nice holidays in our individual houses, complexes and hotels - for example in a beautiful holiday house in Sardinia.

Casa Club is, for a quarter century (!),  renowned for competent consulting, reliable and reputable booking processes and individual objects. Regardless of whether you want to book a holiday home in Sardinia or Calabria or a city apartment in Rome.

In an age of mass organizers, what are the benefits of a small provider like Casa Club?

As an association of private homeowners, familiar hotels and residences, we aim to offer individual, typical and inexpensive accommodations: you can find the small farm in amazing location in Calabria, the manor in Sicily, the dream mansion close to the beach in Sardinia, the private apartment close to the Vatican as well as the original "Trullo" in Apulia.

We are specialized in southern and central Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and Rome. For example our "Calabria programme" exists, with annual optimisation, since 1984; almost as long as we offer our "holiday cottages" in Sardinia.

The offer of Casa Club comprises, among others:

Rome: private apartments in amazing locations.
Umbria / Tuscany: villas and country houses with pool in the countryside.
Marche: country manors with pool.
Campania: houses and hotels at the Amalfi Coast and in the Cilento natural reserve.
Apulia: private houses, residences and hotels on the seaside in Gargano and Salento, original "Trulli" in Murgia dei Trulli.
Calabria: cottages, hotels and residences at the seaside, especially in Capo Vaticano, manors and "masserie".
Sicily: private houses and manors at the east, north and west coasts.

Regarding the cottages in Sardinia, like all other Italy offers, we have the possibility to offer inexpensive prices through direct marketing: potential guests, who for example wish to rent a cottage in Sardinia or in Rome, have the possibility to chose its own dream villa calmly at home and than make the reservation comfortably through telephone, email or fax. These vacationers will benefit from favourable pre- and after season prices, various introducing and family offers as well as early booking discounts.

Another advantage of Casa Club: we offer attentive and personalised consulting, as we know each object, from the cottage in Sardinia to the villa in Calabria, in person.

Our homeowners, caretakers and receptionists are competent counterparts on site - for our guests of the Sardinian cottages, for the holiday apartments in Italy's beautiful capital Rome and several other objects.

Potential guests have the possibility, on demand, to obtain regular information on holiday apartments in Sardinia, Umbria or Calabria and many other dream destinations in southern and central Italy through our newsletter!

Do you want to receive more information about our popular holiday houses in Sardinia? Or are you looking for beautiful city apartments in the "Eternal City" Rome? Then do not hesitate to contact us right now. The team of Casa Club is looking forward to your inquiry!